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Precision Glass Cleaning Cloth

Precision Glass Cleaning Cloth

$7.99 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price

Product Description:

Introducing our Precision Glass Cleaning Cloth, specifically crafted at 40x40cm with a 300gsm fish scale pattern, tailored for superior glass surface cleaning.


Key Features:

  • Optimized for Glass Cleaning: This highly popular glass cleaning cloth is specifically designed for effective and streak-free cleaning of glass surfaces.
  • Overlock Stitched Edge: Enhanced durability with an overlock-stitched edge ensuring longevity and preventing fraying during use.
  • Specialized Use: Recommended exclusively for cleaning hard glass surfaces, offering exceptional performance for smudge-free and sparkling glass.
  • Usage Precautions: Not intended for use on paintwork or interior plastic surfaces; exclusively designed for dedicated glass cleaning.


Usage Guidelines:

  • Ideal for achieving a smear-free finish on glass surfaces, ensuring crystal-clear transparency with each use.
  • Avoid using on paintwork or interior plastic surfaces, as it lacks the softness required for these areas.


40x40cm: Blue 300 GSM
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